Here's a peaceful acoustic dreamscape. A steel string, nylon, and bass trio supported by ethereal electric guitars and ominous harmonicas.

Here's one from the archives. Sparse and slow with a bit of a hip-hop feel. We captured most of this in 2017 and just now polished it off. Glad to have it out in the world.

Here's a short and lively acoustic riff with plenty of notes to share. Hoping it puts a skip in your step...

This track is based on a late night jam that we recorded on an iPhone a couple years back. It's calm and relaxing, but still has some drive to it. Please enjoy.

Here's a Spanish instrumental with a strong groove and a vibey electric guitar solo. Maybe it'll get you dancing... Thanks for listening.

We have a country-rock(ish) track for you today. It started as a calm riff on a nylon string, but by the end we made it to full lead guitar insanity. This one goes out to Papa Stew!

This one's a cruise tune for sure. Strong acoustic riff with a bassline to match. Enjoy.

This one is a meld of a two riffs we came up with in June. Very chill, sounds best when you're lying down...

Ready to rock? This is a new format we're experimenting with, let us know what you think.